Put these tips to use immediately to bring out the inner bad girl from any good girl


******** #1 notes  ***********

3:31, Jon answers “should I call first or text first after meeting a new girl?” – how to get her curiosity


8:12 Brian shares his follow up mindsets, and his winning “stock” text he sends after meeting a girl – including how to interpret her response and continue accordingly


11:46 , how to open


14:00 Brian destroys anybody who asks “how do you get girls to comply with my sexual aggretion?” with a mind-bending thought




27:00 how a girl will see you as either “Mr. Sex Guy”, or Mr. Rogers


37:50 The Secret Loophole Revealed: How To Get Her Clothes Off Without Resistance (and maximum pleasure).

You Just Cant Make This Stuff Up 

Episode 2

In this episode we discuss:

– Why recording Episodes while not wearing any pants is kinda awkward when its two dudes

– Q & A for casanovacrew guys including phone game & “warm approaches”

– Manwhore’s #1 tactic for fast sexual escalation

– X-rated story time

– Why when girls feel this is your IDENTITY- they are down for ANYTHING

Brian breaks down his endgame escalation





************ # 2 Notes  – streetgame**********

1:15 Brian shares where he LOVES to meet women (and has met several of his girlfriends over the years)


6:33 How to put her in a TIME_WARP_TRANCE when talking to her


21:00 Hot British Girl And Dealing With Her Mob Of Friends


26:14 Why Women CREATE Resistance BECAUSE They Want To Get Sexual With You


30:33 Brian admits he doesn’t pull all the time, and the # factor what determines whether or not


31:00 Brian’s Alley Pull (and the Lover* that came out of it)


38:11 the only time when lying is ok



45:45 Brian’s breakthrough caveman realization



In this episode:


– Casanova Crew’s “StreetKings” episode#1 is discussed

– Much props are given

– Brian discusses his top secret daygame techniques (You absolutely need to hear this)

– Is Hydro an Aquaman look-alike?

– “Pulling” as just another skillset

– X-rated story time (What it REALLY takes to get laid)

– “Messy” pulls are discussed

– The real way to deal with ****blocking friends

– Mimicry of British girl dirty talk

– The horrors of being a migrant worker in vegas

– Brian break down WHY girls act difficult.. the mental/biological principles at work

– X-rated story time (Manwhore’s Russian Gulag concentration camp technique in FULL ACTION)

– is LYING the ultra top secret guru technique you’ve been looking for?




************ # 3 Notes – how to get sexual (I’m in NYC) – after my trip out there  **********

– how to make the interaction sexual – How to add that sexual spark

– The ultimate mindset for being aggressive sexually

– How two different styles apply it – taking your time, vs. caveman

– How to calibrate to any woman’s personality when it comes to getting sexual

– What it really means when a girl resists or tests you

– The ultimate mindset for dealing with rejection: Women test you BECAUSE they want to have sex – how to deal with this

– What to do when it’s really time to stop – so she doesn’t get weirded out/so it doesn’t get awkward

– The comfort and arousal cycle – how Brian goes slow to speed up

– Why you should never argue with a woman, and what to do when she tries


2:10 different styles of being aggresive that are effective with women

5;04 understanding “Control” is key to sexual success with women



37:10-38;30 a common way to kill the beginning of something beautiful with a woman

40;36 Brian shares how to create a very strong sexual image of in HER mind (do this early in the night and she’ll be thinking about sex with you all night)

41:40 be careful, its a double-edged sword. Stay diligent against this one poisonous element which will turn her off (most guys do this)


49.20 The Myth’s Of Calibration

52.17 Aggretion and Relaxation To Get Her In A Sexual State

56;51-59;25  how to properly get her touching you sexually in public venues (turns her on, bonds the two of you, and gets the night going in a sexual direction together)


1hour46second: Leveraging a womans nurting nature in a sexual context (a bullzeye on her biological nature)


1hour.4minutes.00 Introducing Sexuality Verbally


” Being sexually dominant “

In this episode:

– Brian breaks down his romantic style of physically escalating on a girl (Manwhore becomes jealous)

– Manwhore explains his style of being sexual with a girl

– His unique fundamental mindset of physical escalation

– Manwhore stalks women like Jason with a ski mask

– Brian explains Manwhore’s physical escalation methods in terms of playful dominance

– Incorporating humor with sexual escalation

Seeing is Believing: Why bootcamps and/or mentors are SO POWERFUL for achieving results with women

– Why arguing with women makes you a loser

– Nachos and sex

How to talk about sex without being weird.


"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those
under 18 years old."


************* # 4 Notes ***********

Special Guest “Showcase” – Insights From A Vegas Club Promoter

#11 – with showcase (our #4)

In this HILARIOUS episode Manwhore and Showcase discuss:

– How to deal with FAT ****blocks

– How to deal with not-so-fat ****blocks

– Why Manwhore was forced to call in a favor to Satan- and Satan never goes unanswered

– How Manwhore handled incredibly difficult logistics and WON THE ***** (for 3 minutes on the clock lmao)


In Section II:
– Why taking bartending school is AWESOME
– How having female friends is so HARD when all they want to do is SCREW YOU SILLY
– How to acquire the phone number of EVERY SINGLE GIRL in your class and GET THEM TO YOUR HOUSE
– A super duper awesome comfort and trust building story
– How to have girls break into your room with naughty intentions



************* # 5 Notes ***********


The Full Moon Marathon Week: Brian & Jon tell the story (and give the details) of a week full of mulitple new women. Different approaches, different energy, same result at the end of the night.

– recap my trip to SD/Vegas

– Brian gets two booty call texts between 12-2 Brian turns both down because he’s sexed out

– How to know the date’s gonna go well

– Brian and Jon get romantic with some girls

– Jon and Brian pull in Vegas – how to open women without approaching them

– What to do when a woman’s interested, but she’s still being difficult

– My magical direct openers – how to make women melt with a Direct openers

– the game’s women play with each other – how and why women ****block each other

– Advanced wingman’s tactics

– How women turn themselves on – and it totally throws guys off typically

– Female Sexual Psychology GOLD

– How to WIN every time with a woman for the PULL

– “You’re gonna love my **** – the ultimate belief

– The ultimate frame – we are a team, and you are gonna be happy in 15 minutes

– Sexual Power and the underlying mindset – appreciation and intention to make her feel good

– How to get her in the room and avoid the bull****






************* # 6 Notes ***********

Brian’s first week in Vegas – fire out of the gates


– How to game strippers, dealing with Industry chicks, dancers, strippers, ****tail waitresses etc

– Trying to pick up hookers (trying)

– Brian’s first non-hooker number!

– How to look like a player right off the bat (what not to do)

– Brian’s first pull, how to fractionate from hyper sexual, to connecting with the woman – the secret formula for moving fast verbally

– Being aware and knowing when to pull back and move forward – fractionation is the sexual fast forward

– “Show it to me”

– The Diet Plan

– “It’s not about you, it’s about what I want to do to you.”

– Why you need to be SCREENING women, to get laid more

– Picking up handicapped girls (ok we’re joking…a little bit)

– How to escalate RAPIDLY – how to take control of a woman’s body in a way she can’t resist

– How to Pull while you’re in a wheelchair (almost)

– Jon’s awesome way to get a fast number

– Brian FAILS at getting a stripper’s number when it’s in the bag

– More Brian fails…trannies this time (doh!)

– More wingman advanced tactics

– Jon and Brian meet two hotties

– Mo’ D game… “My shrine”

– Making sure the phone number doesn’t flake

– Brian’s sexual texting

– First date – the whip out (as usual) – hilarious, sexy story – using The D to make girls not be able to think

– How to stop and see the matrix – step back and see what’s physically happening, vs. what we are supposed to do

– Sexual microcalibration – Brian’s thought process in the heat of the moment





************* # 7 Notes Sexual Pacing  ***********

– Most women are not looking to hook up per se – so you need to be able to get sexual with “good girls”
– Making good girls go bad. If you want to pull, you need to be able to take a girl who’s not ready to have sex, WANT to have sex
– Brian ****s a girl and she sleep walks into the desert
– Sexual chemistry and adapting to different women
– 90 pct of women are NOT ready to have sex right now. It’s your job to get her there.
– The first time iPACE is mentioned publically
– Where you need to be with a woman sexually at all time
– Inside the mind of Brian and Jon – getting sexual in texting THE RIGHT WAY
– How to know when she’s ready
– Body is the key to emotions – how to connect with a woman by getting physical and why this is way more important than what you say
– How going slow, can speed things up – the paradox of escalation
– How to turn women on so much they don’t want to resist
– Brian wraps up How Men Relate To Women: Leadership
– What sexual leadership really means with a woman and why this is the key to naturally being a man who connects with women sexually
– Why club makeouts could actually be hurting your results

************* # 8 One Focus  ***********

– What to REALLY focus on when you are talking to a woman
– The Game men play with women is the worst thing you could possibly do
– Jon pulls before even going into the club – to his car in the parking lot
– Jon pulls the ultimate **** pic move for a threesome, with the coupe de grace
– Brian goes on a date, she’s a crazy, then pulls a hot Latina in front of her
– Dealing with other guys to turn women on
– The Cab Pull
– Setting the girl at ease when she gets nervous
– Closing the deal
– How women are like a Rorschach test – and how to respond in the “right way”
– Women follow your lead – how to move in a sexual direction when she challenges you


"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those
under 18 years old."


************* # 9 Red Dress and Bartender  ***********

– Making aggressive sexuality fun
– if she’s laughing you can do what you want – how to do this
– How to follow up after being sexual but not pulling (it’s tricky)
– 6 Numbers, messy Vegas **** so-so night
– My first CAMBODIAN! This one is money!!!
– Funny opener, and follow up, going with the flow
– Getting sexual when the woman is shy
– All the CLUES ADD UP
– How to make women feel safe by using cab fare
– How to be with a quiet girl – comfortable silence
– Conversation is not the point when with a woman
– Jon handles the SNAFU like a champ
– Slapping women the RIGHT way
– Don’t be scared of black women!
– How to make a woman COME – they make themselves come -you have to talk to them
– Jon goes into graphic detail – this is how to have hot sex with a woman you JUST MET
– Why women REALLY act shy (it’s totally not what you’d expect)
– Why YOU Need to be the slut and take ownership for the sex
– Women LIKE facials (from the right kind of guy)
– Being non-chalant with your desire – being congruent is about being calm
– Saying what you’re doing as you do it WITH the right tonality so she goes with it – creates the meaning of the act
– What REALLY turns women on (me being turned on)

************* #10   Hydro (Jerrod) and Brian – Comfort ***********

– Comfort is everything
– Social anxiety
– Nervous with women
– Why you should NOT perform or impress women
– What makes women really want to be with you
– What a great approach REALLY looks like
– Why being random is better than being “normal”
– The cold pool analogy
– What to say when you don’t know what to say
– What’s better than talking, or being witty?
– Why routines and “game” will get in your way
– The attraction phase will stop you from getting laid – making yourself vulnerable will get you laid
– Your value is the worst thing you can think about with a woman
– Why all seduction and pickup stuff is totally wrong – because it’s about value
– Vulnerability is the key
– Women can see how you think
– The most powerful way to approach a woman
– What silence really means
– Where sexuality really comes from, and how to embrace and express it
– Should you act in a certain way? Why thinking about yourself prevents you from connecting with others
– The three categories of sexual cues – two are totally counterintuitive
– How to ground yourself and be relatable
– The power of self-deprecation
– How to tell if someone’s insecure
– What leadership means in terms of value (who’s the star?)
– Why comfort is the most important way to make women horny
– How to make a woman a perv in a “good way”

************* # 11  MW Brian and Hydro – Dates ***********

 – Why dates are good
– Alley BJ’s in Chi-town vs. dates
– Pulling is messy
– Day 2’s are GOOD! Not an achievement
– Discrete statistics
– How to make sure the number turns into something real
– Timebridges
– Sex bridge – my “job” – this is our relationship
– Setting a sexual precedent, so that the date is actually getting in the way, building tension
– What a date really is (not an interview, its about building tension for what’s going to happen)
– What you want a girl thinking on a date
Great time-bridging to get a SOLID number
– Hydro’s genius Dinner and Movie Date (not what you think)
– Why spending money is NOT good – a surprising correlation that is preventing you from having sex
– What to really focus on with a woman on a date – this determines how to plan the date
– Brian’s favorite date of all time
– Women WANT to invest
– Women don’t want to be bought, but they’ll let you do it – they’ll let you do whatever you tell them to
– The Jungle – Us Frame
– Why dancing is great for the first date to lead to sex (if you can dance)
– It’s ok to NOT have a car
– Episodes and the psychology of bonding
– Planning for flexibility
– What to do about other men hitting on your girl (with hot women)
– How to think about other men, if you are going for the hottest women
– Why you can’t act like a boyfriend on a date
– The best advice I got growing up – my friend was flipping the script at age 13
– The most powerful mindset you can have on a date, and how we all screen




"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those
under 18 years old."