How To Connect With Women and Turn Them On Fast - in bars, clubs, and even broad daylight


Here’s What You’ll Master…

(this is the full original recording that the first 10minutes of “The Secret Loophole” mp3 was extracted)

“The Sexual Shortcut:The Easiest Way To Get Her Clothes Off (and Satisfy Her Hidden Hunger)

The Crazy Loophole That Gets Her Clothes Off.

A step-by-step system to make her so horny SHE’LL be the one feeling an uncontrollable urge to go down on you.

The single biggest secret women keep from men (If more men knew this, society would be turned upside down)

WHY women put the breaks on sex EVEN IF THEY WANT IT – when you understand this, you can bypass her attempts to slow things down (and she’ll love it)

What I learned from the most prolific guy I’ve ever met and what he taught me (This is the guy I learned from and the reason why Vin Dicarlo had to hire me as his lead trainer after 3 days. This guy’s method is INSANE, but the principles behind it are bank-vault solid, and how I was able to get so good, so fast.)

Learn MW’s brilliant last minute sex move… This guy is so good it’s scary. He turns good girls into freaks. I found myself taking notes as I re-listened to this part!


Also on this track:A comprehensive rundown ofhow to follow up by phoneFOR THE MEETUP WIN, including:


MW’s aggressive, flirty style of texting ( I can attest to it’s effectiveness after living with the guy)

My personal texting method – not some made up theory BS, and you know it works because my sex drive wouldn’t allow that!

It’s all about consistency, avoiding flakes, and keeping it simple so you don’t make mistakes and waste the effort you made to meet the girl in the first place).

THHT is all about SPEED

In the next session we get more advanced with:


“Tactics To Overcome ObstaclesAnd Difficult Scenarios…to Win the Hottest Women

Ever see a beautiful women you wanted to meet walking past you at the mall, or on the street? But you didn’t know what to say or do?

WE FIX THAT. We got you. Here’s how to get that pretty woman strutting past you on her way to work


also included:How To Deal WithOTHER MENtrying to get your girl


I reveal the secret pro athletes use to achieve amazing results on the field. You can use it to get amazing results with women!

MW and I teach you two techniques to generate a hyper-focus to put her in a TimE waRp tRANCe …everything slows down, and the only people in the world are you….and HER

Charge your conversation with passion to create deep connections with anyone you just met

Blast through the main cause of approach anxiety – other people seeing you get rejected!

Eliminate unconscious fear with two magic mindsets …use either one based on your unique personality!

Understand how women really size you up so you can navigate her mind and win her over without wondering what she “thinks” of you…


“Lighting The Sexual Spark

How women trick men into giving up… It sounds crazy, but women are constantly testing your masculine power. Just hearing this and understanding it will take your sex life to a higher level…

How to bring up sex without getting slapped, by making integrating sexuality into your normal way of talking. This makes you the late night, go-to sex-guy. Warning: expect 2am booty calls.

MW reveals his insider-mindset that gets him laid like a rockstar. Literally. I watched it happen over and over. I gotta admit, he’s a beast.

“Insert Program Now”how women REALLY give you sexual cues, and how to CAPITALIZE.- Multiple Windows of Receptivity explained!

  • uncover the ONE hidden signal women give you ALL THE TIMEwhich is your cue to ramp things up IMMEDIATELY (or she’ll quickly close the window of opportunity on you)
  • it’s like she pauses her mental program, and says “please insert your desired program here, sir”
  • in other words, she is totally open to you and waiting to see your next move (and she’s hoping you come through with more physical touch and sexuality)
  • you’ll literally palm your forehead when you remember back to all the times girls have given you this subtle “green light”
  • it’s like upgrading your perceptual abilities from MS DOS to Windows 7 (or OSX, whichever your flavor lol)
  • No, actually it’s more like upgrading to goddamn Terminator mode, with infrared lazer grid targeting for sexual advancement opportunities she hides in plain sight, hoping you’ll catch them
  • we’ve been told by several guys that this tip alone was worth the entire THHT program to them

By the way, you’ve probably seen women do this a hundred times, and didn’t realize you were getting an invitation.

Insert Program Here

Trust me, I know how it feels too.

How exciting would your sex life be if you knew what to do when a woman secretly wants you to take her away?

“The Comfort and Arousal Cycle”

  • – Brian’s guaranteed, fool-proof, 100% effective way to make a woman feel comfortable AND horny…this has been my secret formula once I get women alone

Wrapping up with:
The silent killer of great relationships: how weakness and insecurity subtly bleeds into your ongoing relationship with a woman, and how to get rid of it for GOOD
(this also killed my 3 year relationship with my dream girl years ago… NEVER. AGAIN.)



**Special Price. Returns to normal $99/month in…



“Pulling & More Pulling: How To Manage Sex With Several Women

Quality problems: once you learn some of this material, you will find that sometimes you are literally all sexed out…

But women will be begging to see you… So the question is…

What to do when you can’t keep up with all the women who want to sleep with you…and how to deal with several women expecting you to be their personal private totem pole… without pissing them off!

How to develop your own style with women so that you never have to learn or rehearse corny pickup artists seduction methods ever again – hint: it’s the common denominator between me and MW. Seeing this common thread will lead you to the key to becoming your own man

(This was a game-changer for me years ago… once I distilled the principles of several different “players” I then applied them to myself)

I reveal my cheapskate secret method for fast pulls and solid numbers, while spending NO MONEY!

This is a logistical ninja tactic…meet women when they are more open and friendly…all without spending a dime!

(plus you will drastically reduce flakey phone numbers, and increase your odds of pulling night after night – but you gotta be ready to step outside the box on this one. But I promise you won’t look back once you try it!)

The zen method for conversation – how not focusing on what you are saying leads to a powerful sexual connection – MW explains his step by step thought process so that that you can “download” his mindset – this is how natural players really do it, and it doesn’t matter how you look (I know because MW is no pretty-boy trust me haha). How to use relaxation vs. “game” and impressing girls – NO GAME to actually get yourself into her sexual imagination.

Why you should NEVER focus on witty banter! (This is where I shine and other guys screw up)


How 10’s think – and what makes them psychologically different from the rest of the girls.

This is key if you want the hottest chicks

Channel your natural desire in a way that makes her want to be naughty with you, even if she’s been getting hit on all night! (as most hot girls are)


“How to Go Direct: Tempt Her Inner Nympho With Animal Magnetism

MW explains how he regularly get’s with strippers in Vegas (strippers in Vegas are SMOKING HOT. They are the elite of the world…

MW is NOT elite in looks lol…but his stripper game is sick. He breaks it down in plain and simple terms so you can apply it to ALL WOMEN you meet. See, strippers are like an extreme version of all women. You have to get past the money and status, and connect with her inner romantic girl that daydreams and wants to meet a man who will appreciate her as a human being, and as a sexual woman…

I break down my method for getting FAST numbers, THAT CONVERT. It’s one thing to get a phone number. It’s another to get one that leads to a sexual encounter…and I can do this in under 20 seconds. I explain how, and give examples…


Use These Simple Statements And Questions To Get Sexual



    • this stuff is so simple any guy can use it, no matter how nervous or socially awkward he is…
    • (It all comes down to “fractionation” – which is also a key part of LEAD7)

Story time: I break down how I approach a beautiful curvy exotic woman from England, get very sexually aggressive and bold, and proceed to turn her on, go back to her room, and rock her body until the sun comes up

(I don’t mean to brag – I just want to show you how to do the same …so I go in-depth and break everything down – not just the tactics, my thought process, and her responses…)

MW’s insane story with tons of great lessons and insight. He literally picks up a girl in a wheelchair…

No she wasn’t actually crippled – it turns out she was engaged and her fiance was her brothers best friend…(The audacity of this guy! – hilarious AND super educational)

“Advanced Sexual Shortcuts”– touching & texting to prep her for sex:(detours and dirty tricks to skip the dead end dating routine and go straight to the bedroom)

How to master the physical aspect of connecting with women – something that gets neglected in other materials.

It’s your Touch Game that accelerates the sexual process.

When you know how to use your hands, from the start, connecting with women becomes a dance – less mental effort, more fun…and things heat up FAST.

You want hot passionate sex NOW.

We explain what it means to speak to the “inner woman” you communicate directly with during sex,


…only you do it as soon as you meet her!


How to adapt to different personalities and levels of horniness…Every woman has a different speed, or comfort level, and this is compounded by the unique chemistry you have together.

Story Time: How I turned a dinner date into a “skip dinner and go straight to the bedroom” date!

MW’s method for using intrigue and commonalities to get a solid phone number in under 20 seconds

Turn the bar into your living room so that every approach you make is a warm approach…and you’ll have women coming up to you!

How to make women quiver with your opening line – this the James Bond level of smooth and it’s taken me years and a lot of trial and error to get the method perfect. NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

The most common way women test men, and most guys fall for it! Even if the conversation was great up until that point, failing this test will KILL your chances.

Why you should NOT make out in the club, and how to instead ramp up the tension so SHE wants sex more than you. This is not for noobs, this is for grown men only – because it requires self-control and an appreciation of the sexual tension process.


BONUS SEGMENT:Advanced Wingman Tactics:

leverage a deeper awareness of female psychology to speed both women up and get you and your buddy laid, fast.(story & breakdown included ofcourse!)

We isolate how to talk about your interests and lifestyle in a sexy way, no matter how boring or average you think you are…

The “Whip out” move. Yes you can guess what it is… what you CANT EVEN FATHOM is how well it works when done correctly and at the proper time. Just hearing the play-by-play and analysis will open your eyes to what’s possible (a further dive into what we covered in Episode 1. also not for beginners – make sure to listen to Episode 1 first!).


“Go deep Inside The Female Mind: Make Good Girls Go Bad With Sexual Pacing

Odds are, the girl you want is not ready to have sex right this second…and I break down how to change that!

MW teaches you how to adapt to strippers, AND regular chicks, so you can escalate connect with the nice, caring women, AND freaks – in fact, you bring out the freak in the best women, and bring out the best proper behavior in the most sexually open women – this is what I mean when I talk about going beyond the “game” and “dating”

We break down advanced social hacking and how to play a situation so that you have maximum leverage and status even if you’re the unconnected new guy.

The secret tactic I STOLE from one of my personal mentors back when I lived in Chicago. This guy is unreal – learn his M.O. in this episode. Suffice to say it ABSOLUTELY SHATTERED my perception of reality, and broke my own “land speed record” of what’s possible with women in a fast casual manner (case studies included). DO NOT listen to this episode unless you are ready to shed your youthful and innocent naivete – it’s scary, and inspiring.

Sexting and text flirting

…As you probably know, your follow-up skill can make or break it with a woman… MW and I get heavy into the more sexual and flirty aspect of texting, and how you can make a “cold” phone number hot. You met her, and took the time to connect and follow up…make sure you capitalize without blowing it!

A super advanced, but super simple The Escalation Paradox: This was a huge revelation for me several years ago, and makes sex almost guaranteed to the point of being too easy (which is how it should be!)

MW breaks down how he “cavemans” a smoking hot go-go dancer, to get a night of intense passionate sex. If you ever thought some women were “difficult” or “off-limits” you gotta here this!

The Higgs-Boson of sexual attraction: this is the primary motive why a woman will sleep with a man, and what all “seduction methods” are based on at their core.

The Three Gates of Control – the first time I break it down on audio (and that’s a big deal because you are going to be hearing about “the gates” everywhere in the coming months – you heard it here folks!)

I planned on keeping this secret for private students…but like I said in the video, my mission is to put it ALL out there to help guys around the world…this will blow your mind and simply hearing this will make you better with the next woman you meet.

You’ll see the Three Gates EVERYWHERE, including those that have Control over YOU (your boss, the government, etc)

Why most pickup-artists and seduction “gurus” can’t keep girlfriends…Hint: it’s because they are using “game”, but have neglected the most important aspects of their personality that are CRUCIAL for meeting quality women and developing authentic relationships…

I’ve seen this so many times with these pickup artist-types. Many of these guys can’t make real connections. And trust me I’ve met most of them.

If you want a girlfriend, or have the opportunity to make a girl your long-term partner right now, you MUST hear this.

Concrete tactics and strategies for how you can be honest, direct, sexual, without gimmicks, games, tricks or routines AND WIN THE GIRL YOU WANT! (again, we are going way beyond “the game” here)


…”The Fast Track To The Bedroom: Zen Focus and Ninja Tactics To Close The Deal ASAP

Trying to impress the girl is the number one strategy men use to attract women. But it is the WORST thing you can possibly do. But as long as you don’t commit this fatal sin, you are still in the game…I break down how to focus so that you never fall into this trap.


Meets a smoking hot half Asian, half Latina AS HE’S WALKING INTO THE CLUB. They click so fast that he’s able to pull her AWAY from her crew of friends, and proceeds to give her The Business – sheer insanity from MW.


goes out with a crazy chick that gets weird…but turns it into showtime and pulls a hot Latina super fast in front of her….which turns her on even more.

How to deal with other guys who try to intimidate you in front of your girl. This is mandatory if you plan on dating super hot women that get attention from other men.

How to pull using taxis – there’s a an art to doing it right…I show you how to be ready, and pull the trigger at the right time…Plus what to expect on the way to your place once she realizes what’s happening – this is MUST-HAVE info if you live in a big city or college town

How women will test you on the way to your place…and how to respond …– trust me I’ve screwed this up and had women freak out at the last second… (which is how I got good. Lucky for you I can save you the frustration I went through)

If you’ve ever found yourself unsure how to advance because you can’t tell if a chick is into you, you need to listen to this…

Oh and if you’re into Asian women…

this Episode basically turned out to be a “Pulling Asian 10’s” crash course (they are usually the most flakey and difficult to pull)


“Make Cold Girls Hot And Get Them Alone:High Pressure Logistics and Magnifying Sexual Tension

Continuing from last session, it’s all about those shy, sexually timid women, with a focus on what it takes to get with Asian chicks…
(I know not all guys are into that, but the guys who are, REALLY are…and Asian women know this, and will put the breaks on sex if you set off one of their alarms during the night)

How to set a sexual precedent regardless of her reaction – this is another key to speeding up sex and I give several real-world tactics for how to do it without being creepy…

MW is high-speed with his patented caveman style, and bags a tall gorgeous NYC bartender chick (while the guys she came with are trying to ****block and talk crap).

The above case study is a clinic on how to be creative and passionate, without violating the fundamentals.

How to use humor as a Trojan Horse for a strong sexual precedent, even as an opening line

How I think, step by step,

when I see my ideal type of woman, what I say, and what I look for in her response. Hint: It includes using what you see, adding humor, then turning it into direct appreciation/sexual interest. I really go into depth on this for you.

It’s my personal formula…but be warned, information at this level is likely to go over a lot of guys’ heads.

You know me – I don’t hold back…I’m just warning you not to be intimidated, because you may have to work your way up to this level. Reserved for guys who are taking action!

HYPER AGGRESSIVE APPROACHES – how to break the ice by actually touching her as if you already knew her (this is simple, but has to be done the right way) Polite? Not really. Effective and fun? Yes.

This is why feminists hate me, but wanna **** me.

How to maintain the lead when you don’t have a plan or know what to do next. Hey, it happens to the best of us. (creativity in difficult, unpredictable situations is the hallmark of elite operators)

How to advance when a girl is shy, cold, or gives you NO signals to work with.

I don’t even have to tell you, that s*** happens too! (it’s like navigating a forest in the dark…but I give you a flashlight and a map, so to speak)

Last Ditch Attempts: reflections of how we’ve created something out of nothing to get the girl alone, when all seems lost.

SEXUAL SHAPING to ensure she orgasms and is totally satisfied everytime you sleep together

It’s not about your physical performance, but instead training HER to be good in bed (total mind-bender, but you’ll see how much of a game changing paradigm shift it is)

I’ve become an expert on this – it’s actually really easy, and should be done the first time you have sex with a woman.

Get her to do the kinky, freaky stuff YOU REALLY want to are the Sex God she respects and obeys

What to specifically pay attention to in every conversation – remember that success is about knowing exactly where to channel your energy, and usually this requires years of trial and error – it’s my job to save YOUR TIME…

When you know where to look, you can chat up any woman and touch her deep inside, where her dreams and fantasies are kept hidden from an often cold and dishonest world.

If you can unlock her secrets, she will feel like you’re her soulmate. This skill is easy, but very rare.

We start to get into that here in session 9, but I go more in-depth with help from my buddy Hydro, in the next session below (Episode 10)

Ok, here’s the breakdown…


“You’ll Take Her Home And Close The Deal For As Little As $378$24 – Less Than The Cost Of A Few Drinks!!”

Plus- We Guarantee Your Satisfaction For A Full 60 days!

60 day 100% guaranteeYou’re free to test drive Take Her Home Tonight for a full 60 days. And if – for some strange reason, for any reason whatsoever – you’re not completely blown away, just click one button and you can cancel, no questions asked.
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under 18 years old.”




…“Deep Comfort and Passionate Connections Through Conversational Mastery

I grew up with severe social anxiety and this is what motivated me to become a master of conversation.

IF YOU ARE SHY OR NERVOUS AROUND WOMEN, you will feel like I am speaking to you as your “future self,” as the man you want to be. I’ve been through some very low points, and I’m here to bring you up to a new reality.

To do this we must go beyond “seduction phases” and all “linear” structures because they are based on performing

This mindset will prevent you from connecting with women, because you won’t be PRESENT, in a way that makes them really want spend time with you and sleep with you

See the world through a woman’s eyes…

How rushing yourself will prevent you from pleasing her, and how to stay in the moment for a full and mutually satisfying experience

(this is extremely powerful information, but requires ZERO meditation or new-age energy/spiritual non-sense. In fact, you do this everyday in non-sexual situations. I help you harness what you are ALREADY DOING NATURALLY, and channel it in a sexual way, with women)

Why men fall apart in conversation, and the quick fix for not knowing what to say.

And by the way… the friend zone is BS!

You SHOULD treat women like your friend. This is the next level of relations between men and women…it’s time to evolve, and go beyond the old paradigms that hold men back

Why a conversation should NOT be memorable, and how to trigger the emotions that really matter (if the idea of “attraction” seems vague and hard to understand, it’s because it’s not an emotion. There are many emotions that trigger lust in a woman, but you only need to understand the three most powerful)

How to leverage your intelligence to gain a HUGE advantage with the hottest women

How to make women feel like they’ve known you forever, without awkward, long seduction scripts

But instead use NATURAL NORMAL conversation

And I give you a simple-yet-powerful verbal tactic that you can plug into any conversation to instantly spice things up

(After re-listening to this session and writing out the notes you are reading…I just want to say that the first 8 minutes alone will completely change your life and make you 10 times better conversationally with EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON.YOU.MEET.)

Think about the ramifications of that…

Hydro and I give TONS of specific examples, so you can see theory executed in real life.

Remember, Leadership means building your life team – in other words, creating a harem of beautiful, quality women that love and support you and live to please and help you!

I have been LIVING THIS for years, and so have my students. Now it’s your turn!

It must be said that no matter how great your conversation, or fine-tuned your touch…

No matter how smart your logistics, or how powerful your sexual presence…

you will often need to get a phone number and see her at a later time.

Sadly, for most guys, first dates often end with nothing more than a hug, kiss, and your bank account smaller…and then the second date. And a third.

Dating is frustrating and pointless if you are spending time and money…boring yourself to tears with small talk at a dinner table…but just can’t close the deal.

Most, but not all guys deal with this. SOME men are able to get right to the fun part – by getting women into bed FAST.

If your stuck in the old rut of being “nice,” letting her set the pace, spending money, and forcing small talk..when all you want to do is have great sex with hot women…then you are playing a game you never signed up for…but got sucked into…

No more sexless boring awkward dates. Make it fun, make it easy, make it sexy.

Here’s how to DOMINATE the dating game with


“Fool-Proof Game-Plans For First Date Sex

Sometimes rushing the sexual process can actually hurt your chances of sleeping with a girl. You might end up looking desperate.

In this case, a date is your best bet, IF PLANNED CORRECTLY.

Again, Hydro and I go into great detail on our carefully crafted, highly tested game-plans to ensure logistics are on YOUR side, and YOU are in control

How to get her responsive to your texts and calls right away.

(Women give their number out a lot, and if there’s no momentum or familiarity you may as well delete her number)

The Unfortunate Truth: Most dates are obstacles to hooking up.

However, if set up the right way, sleeping together is the natural outcome of a great night.

I show you how to plan a date that leads to sex

You can create a great night out with a woman by planning the emotional flow that leads back to your place

Optimize the game-plan to time-warp the process so it feels like you’ve known each other for a long time

Remember, as much as women like sex, they are bombarded with oppressive rules that they have to follow to avoid getting labeled as slutty or easy. So they create and try to follow “rules”… these rules prevent them from having fun,

but more importantly…

they are usually in direct contrast to what you want as a man… Don’t get sucked into “The Rules”!

For example, many women have a rule that they won’t kiss until the second or third date. Another one is that the man should pay for everything. Yet another is that she won’t sleep with you before you are “officially” a couple.

The dangerous “Boyfriend Track” will kill your chances of having casual sex. If you want to sleep with women on dates, without getting tied down, you MUST stay out of the boyfriend track.

If you want to have a relationship with a woman you REALLY LIKE, this is the best way to do it, because neither one of you feel pressured…

and you can find out if there’s sexual chemistry right away…it makes so much sense, but society discourages this process…which is why it’s guys like you and me who have to change things on our own.

See, if you’re on the “Boyfriend track” she’ll hold you to her BS rules.

Stay out of this role. Position yourself so that when she’s with you, she is on a fun, mini-vacation where she is free to be wild and naughty. This is the foundation for a great monogamous relationship IF YOU CHOOSE IT.

But this can only occur if you are in control.

It’s all about putting YOU in the driver’s seat…coming from a guy who’s been doing this a LONG TIME, with TONS OF WOMEN

The cool thing is, all the women I’ve dated in the past are still my friends. This is extremely rare for guys. I never committed, settled down, or became exclusive…

and yet these women still love me and are truly there for me if I need them…and of course they still want to hook up with me when they get bored with their boyfriends.


And I base my reputation on teaching OTHER GUYS to do the same…only using solid strategy based on female psychology and sexual know-how, tested and approved by me and my students (my “guys”).

If you can make her feel better than any other man, and give her feeling of connection deeper than she’s ever felt, it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is.

All she knows is you make her feel amazing…but she can’t control you…which makes the whole experience even more intense and exciting for her!

Also, Hydro reveals his secret strategies for guaranteed sex, as do I. You need a solid game plan. We break down the principles, and give tons of examples.

And to top it all off…I give you my bullet-proof mental strategy to make women fall for me hard and fast. It’s not uncommon for women to fall in love with me.

Meeting and connecting with women can feel like a huge chore, a task, a gauntlet you need to go through, just to “get laid.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be fun, easy, and ADD to your life. Women can inspire you to be a better man. They can support and nurture you so you can feel loved and strong and proud…they reflect that strength, that pride, back to you when you penetrate them. The deeper you affect her, the more she feels you, the more of yourself you see. It’s about you, becoming, EMERGING.

Take Her Home Tonight focuses on strategy and tactics for taking women home the night you meet them, or on the first date…but that’s just the surface. This is about being a better man – moving towards your BEST SELF, emerging as a leader. It starts within, and is easily practiced with women.

But my ultimate goal is for men to step up and lead those around them into a better world, where love, connection, sharing, and passion are the rules…rather than greed, fighting, hate, despair, hunger, poverty…

You are the New guard. Now is the time. You can start here, by getting your sexual needs fulfilled, and then moving onto the next chapter.

If you’re afraid, you feel like you can’t do it, you’re too low, the goal is too far away…I’m smiling as I write this because you’re not the only one.

It took me several life-changing revelations after a ton of emotional pain and embarrassment, trial and error, disrespect from men AND women, rejection, failure…and time.

A lot of ****ing time.

And that’s all you have…time. You get a window of time on this planet, as “you.”

So make the most of it.

As I turned out, my goals were right there, so close, closer than I thought. And once I acted, they raced towards me so fast I didn’t even recognize myself for a couple weeks.

That’s how REAL change happens. And all you need is a set of headphones, and a few minutes a day, to listen.

Oh and a notebook, because you’re gonna wanna write some serious notes down…



**Special Price. Returns to normal $50 to start and $25/month after that in…

“This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those
under 18 years old.”