Coming Soon: “Take Her Home Tonight”

Be on the lookout

Be on the lookout for two dirty rotten scoundrels, sharing the secrets revealed about female psychology and female s3+uality while in Vegas. A lot can be learned about normal, down to earth, average girls (from anywhere in the country) when they end up in an environment like Vegas that allows them to simply be themselves without social repercussions.

Maybe you are planning a trip to Vegas soon, or maybe not.

If you ARENT planning on going to Vegas soon, your eyes will open to a whole new world of what’s going on inside that cute girl’s head. Yes, her. The one down the street, next door, at work, at happy hour last Thursday. The normal and innocent-looking-enough (but oh so fine) beauty  you see every time you go out in your local area, but can’t seem to make anything sexual happen with.

If you ARE planning a trip to Vegas soon, you want to pull every ounce of pleasure and excitement out of the town as you can (without resorting to lame tricks like paying hookers). You want to take the town for all it’s worth. We’re talking the sort of stuff that SHOULD go on the TV commercials (if the parental controls allowed it). You want to walk away with your mind blown! (not just having blown all your money)

Here’s what you’ll learn…

In this hilarious compilation of recorded conversations between Brian Burke and Jon (a.k.a Manwhore) , you will learn not only the mindsets, but also the specific strategies and tactics to bring out the inner wild woman, wherever it is you may meet her.