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Over 4 hours of pure insight

"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old."

Know one thing... when it comes to asking women about female sexuality, you will NEVER get the real scoop - unless you've already slept with her.

It's not because they enjoy deceiving all mankind asking &  listening, but rather it violates a fundamental tenant of the Secret Sexual Society

(which by the way ALL women are in on, but only 1-2% of men ever participate in).

For a girl to share how she REALLY views sex, how she ACTUALLY thinks about sex, what turns her on, what she wants... she MUST be talking privately with a man she has already slept with.


Otherwise there is absolutely no way this woman would be able to speak truthfully to him about her sexuality, because they have not had sex.

This is why I interviewed 3 hotties
who I've been wildy sexual with...

  • Analise - 25, part time hairstylist & part time retail at high-end clothing chain, hourglass shape latina, babydoll face.
  • Megan - 21, student, server at cafe - studying Gender and Women's Studies. Hourglass, big tits, long curly hair.
  • Maria - 25, corporate loans dept. at major east coast regional bank, korean-american, petite toned, tanned skin, huge smile, long black hair, perky tits and a tight bubble butt.


I knew how powerful it would be for guys to hear unfiltered, open, honest, nothing-sugar-coated interviews with girls who have NOTHING TO HOLD BACK, because they had already slept with the man interviewing them (yours truly).

The buried treasure map to learning how women think about sex.

  • What did I do that made her receptive to my approach?
  • Why did she want to keep talking with me?
  • What made her feel like kissing me to begin with?
  • At what point did she start imagining sex with me?
  • Why did she presume that I would be good in bed?

There's a saying: success creates more success.

Well, with women, each uncovered treasure ALSO points to the next hidden treasure.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

I'll spell it out...

I learned that AFTER a woman opened up her body to me sexually was the best time to ask her questions about the whole thing... the best time to get honest answers.


Now, even though these girls were opening up, being honest with their thoughts and feelings… it wasn’t always immediately intelligible to my “masculine mind”.

I’m a dude, so I kindof had to “translate” and cross-check what they were revealing to me.

In fact that’s pretty much my passion and profession for the past 8+ years!

And that’s what I do in these recordings while playing the role of interviewer.

Here's how it happened...

A few months ago I picked up the phone and called some girls from my past.

I told them what I had in mind.

Even though I've since moved to different cities years ago, and these girls have since met and dated other men, they gladly hopped on board to help me out...

...NOT ONLY because they still enjoy helping me out, BUT ESPECIALLY because they were excited to anonymously "shout from the rooftops" the things they wish men could hear.

They KNOW I'm a dating coach, they KNOW what I teach, and they love it.

They KNEW my plan was to spread their message as far and wide as possible. They KNEW a lot of men were going to hear what they revealed about female sexuality.


It's ALL in our favor boys! and goes along with those untamed imaginings you have for the gorgeous girls you meet.


There ARE specific nuances you need to be aware of. Certain things to do...

...Before She Will HOP ON BOARD with your plans,
and HOP ON YOUR ****.

That's what we cover in these interviews (with each girl)

  • where & how she and I met
  • How I approached her
  • What she was thinking
  • What MY thought-process was
  • How I lead things in a sexual direction
  • Her thoughts during all of this which had her craving to get alone together

Over 4 hours of pure insight

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"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old." .